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Shredable Feline’s Sanctum and Canine’s Carnal Bordello

Cat Cocoon

An overpriced $249.99 of a glorified cardboard box for elitist feline-lovers that’s waiting to be shredded and soiled by the feisty kitty.

Cat Cocoon

The Cat Cocoon is a multifunctional piece of feline furniture with a playful, organic shape. Constructed from layers of laser-cut corrugated cardboard, the Cat Cocoon features a unique rippled texture and intricately detailed peep holes. It’s an interesting and unique object that is sure to pique both feline and human curiosity. Cats of all ages can enjoy their favourite recreational activities on top of or inside the Cat Cocoon. The exterior texture creates an irresistible surface on which to file claws, rub cheeks, and massage backs. The interior of the cocoon creates a quiet, dark hideaway for afternoon naps and is also an ideal hiding place.

[Source: Felinerina via Gizmodo: Cat Cocoon: Another Crazy-Expensive Toy for Your Cat to Ignore]


Ergonomically designed sex doll to reduce doggy carpal tunnel with anatomically correct anal hole for the dog in heat. Strap-on comes as an accessory. Please wash your hand upon contact with the dog’s semen reservoir, thank you.


A dog is an animal with an enormous sexual appetite which can’t be controlled. Many methods consist artificial ways to stop dogs inborn character. These methods like castration or meds are going against the nature of laws. Hotdoll is a natural (and beneficial for dog’s health) way to control its sexual impulses. The love doll for dogs is shaped to be grabbed easily by the dog’s paws like female hips. Hotdoll is designed in 2 sizes to be used by little dogs and by big ones! Its contrasted colours are made to be easily distinguished by dog’s eyes. The body is made by a plastic structure covered with a 1 cm technogel skin to create a soft and molle touch. All orange part are made of rubber, that way the doll grips on the floor. The pink hole beside (most important part!) needs to be washed regularly for hygienic reasons. Once clean, you can apply some female odour spray on it (the spray is an accessory) several times per month, when your dog seems sexually hungry or nervous.

[Source: FeelAddicted via Gizmodo: Hotdoll: The Sex Doll for Dogs]

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