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Blind Irrationality Wallowing In World Of Aggravation

I don’t think posting a meme on a Friendster bulletin telling people how much you enjoy promiscuous and oral sex; snogging and sapphic smooching; getting drunk and stoned with drug, habitual smoking; skinny dipping and streaking; exhibitionist urinating in the swimming pool and public displays of affection in a cinema; misdemeanour of pilfering, prank call, fist fight, getting arrested and cheating — is the best thing you want to do, especially when you said you aren’t proud with your current debauchery.

Especially when people know you’re dating [him] and me. Polyamory works for you but not to me and [him], then again [he] been comparing [himself] to eunuch-dayus – I guess the worst [he] could do is bitching about me. You hate people calling you cheap but this social networking performance of yours isn’t going to help much with the reputation. Even if it meant to be humorous, your circle of friend is not that naïve.

You done something you regret, but you didn’t seem to bother fixing it. It’s almost one year now and since then there’s isn’t much change in me and you for that span of time.

I’m not responsible for your perverted act but don’t involved me when it came crushing down. I hate not telling you “I told you so” but only because you hate being pointed out what’s your problem are, regardless how many time it keep getting botched. And you being a fangirl of whatever-ism really making the conversation gone cul-de-sac. I find this article awkwardly related to what some characteristic you represent:

1. You become upset when something you like is questioned.

You respond to criticism with hostility in defending your unbridled enthusiasm and devotion to one subject. My yawning to Guns and Roses video isn’t a catalyst to having a tantrum over how less cultured I’m with the defunct rock band. Language of Fear by Del James may inspire the Guns N’ Roses videos “Don’t Cry,” “November Rain” and “Estranged” but it’s just a book, sorry I didn’t enjoy it as much as you do. The same goes with the idea of agnosticism and deism. You’re into philosophical tangent because it’s easier to approach the intersection of faux-enlightenment than falling into the gradient of paradox of unknown-certainty.

2. You are intellectually dishonest.

Somehow you truly believe you are always right and can never be wrong, and you reach a new low being intellectually dishonest. Common side affects include an unwillingness to hear out opposing arguments, an overlying fear of facts, a rejection of the truth, and opining without requisite context or knowledge (even worse, without thoroughly reading the issues being discussed!). Listening to what I have in mind isn’t a decree to enjoin your freewill. If you just ask if my credit card and PayPal still active, you don’t need to lose that sum of money in Linden Dollar Exchange (LindeX), and USD100 is a lot to lose in billing transaction.

3. You resort to personal attacks during debate.

Getting emotional in progressing discussion is quite alright — being human and all that — but don’t get your myopic view define who you are. Personal insecurity often drives you to spew trite insults and hateful speech when engaging the survival of your own point of view. Pinning your very existence on the whimsical discourse is not the same as surviving the natural selection. Eugenics or abortion issues you spiel only proof the needs to continue this debates until you further your cause calling me a birth defect or infantile foetus. Ad hominem gauge is the desperate measure.

4. The defeat of your enemy is more rewarding than your victory.

Relentlessly celebrating the loss of another in place of your own victory is problematic akin to schadenfreude. “In your face” is a lovely word coming from a person who champion fair play. Scratching my car isn’t exactly a mature thing to do. Deleting my writings by reasoning that you co-own it since you’re my muse, and you inspired it, is not a best defence.

5. You bring nothing new to a conversation.

Look to enlighten the argument, not rehash the same point ad nauseum. Insinuating the idea that I’m guilty doesn’t make me guilty. Using past account of bad history is no way to win a favour in your allegation.

6. You are anti-wannabe.

Calling someone a wannabe without proper cause is merely evidence of a weak mind trying to get noticed. No one is completely devoid of bias, and everyone has a little wannabe in them. But extremes should be avoided. Being holier-than-thou and elitist doesn’t amount to anything than your own self-gratification.

The nature of your favourite apophasis — affirmation through negation — “It’s surprising that we’ve argued this far and I’ve never once called you a motherfucker” is aphorism of how sarcastic you can be…and Gott, how I love you for your headstrong, bold and opinionated Amazonian self and at the same time your accommodating, reserved and conciliatory Muse self.

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Written by cthulhu

May 2, 2007 at 6:26 am

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