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Sein Und Werden: Being And Becoming

“But isn’t this just the basic human instinct for death? We rush along life trying to reach our destination as quickly as possible — but the only destination we’re racing towards is our obliteration. All meaningful experiences come from testing the limits of our existence. We all long to fill that missing feeling, that incompleteness–but incompleteness is a symptom of life, and this can only be filled by oblivion. Don’t meet up with yourself, Ricardo. It can’t be for the best.”
–Existentialism + Surrealism = Werdenism

Me + You = Weltschmerz


Sweet Hatred
by Sean McGrady

Is hatred so bad?
Is it, while it is had,
A harmful, fruitless thing
Thwarting the soul
In its natural delight
In its noble Godly goal?

Is it bad to gladly rejoice
In the pain of the hated one?
To feel the sadness in their pleasure
To hate them that love them
In equally despised measure
And, with unfettered fancy seek to condemn

Or is this a form of madness?
A loathing of the loathing self
A sadness yet to be expressed
When calculated in the grand eternal sum
That estimates our worth
As disembodied, acting ideas done

But no such eternal sum there will be
In no such realm of calculated virtuosity
No intellectual order with encompassing intellectual love
Where sub specie eternities all things viewed
By enduring spirit, unagitated, passionless
With imaginative resistance removed

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Written by cthulhu

May 6, 2007 at 1:58 am

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