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Oh Noes! Penguin of Doom

/b/tards in Second Life:

[21:21] Sarah S: Anonymous is awfully quiet lately. what’s the problem? PN paranoia?
[21:21] Megazord F: tits or gtfo
[21:21] Persephone M: TITS!
[21:22] Sarah S: faek tits are faaaek
[21:22] Osoth V: old meme os oooold
[21:23] Sarah S: old memes don’t die, they just become part of the english language
[21:24] Osoth V: so i guess this is why they call this forum ‘random ROFL xD
[21:24] Sarah S holds up spork
[21:24] Second Life: Persephone M has left this session.
[21:25] Second Life: Megazord F has left this session.
[21:26] Sarah S: lawl. penguin of doom is the true face of SL. that’s the problem.
[21:26] Sarah S: SL is the cancer that’s killing SL
[21:27] Osoth V: Exactly.
[21:27] Second Life: Osoth V has left this session.
[21:29] Second Life: Sarah S has left this session.


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Written by cthulhu

May 29, 2007 at 2:37 pm

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