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the smylere with the knyf under the cloke

Urban Graffiti + Degradation. Surreal Evolution


Blu started out his artistic career following his passion for drawing, public art, particularly unauthorized, illegal art. Coming from the graffiti culture he started developing his art based on a very personal figurative style. His work lives in two stages and two different spaces.

It originates from sketches jotted down in sketchbook, which represent a diary as well as an image database to be used in the second stage: the mural. The actual project starts in front of the building, with size and load bearing elements of the wall, in effort to identify an impossible combination between painting and surrounding architecture. He avail himself of the most traditional and essential painting tools : brushes, paint roller, one colour and black; he often use techniques drawn from scenography as well as long sticks, which act as supports when working on large surfaces.

The language adopted is strictly based on drawings: it originated from comics and cartoons, although it is best and provisionally epitomized by urban graffiti. The work remains on paper once the mural has disappeared or faded, when it has been taken down, covered or destroyed together with its supporting frame. Inspiration stems from a need of creating that is otherwise stifled by domestic walls, from the sheer pleasure of transforming ordinary and decaying places, showing how creativity may redevelop from urban degradation.

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Walls of Graffiti

Duality Monstrosities

Conglomeration Vomitus

Composite Hogwash

A Very Long Story (of Evolution), Prato (Tuscany)
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