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Malaya 50:44 Malaysia

The Meaning of Merdeka
Celebrating Labourers, Migrants and Refugees*

September 8, 2007 : 11am to 8pm
Central Market Annexe, 3rd Floor Kuala Lumpur

Join us for a day of joyous dance, song, music and food as we celebrate the lives of labourers, migrants and refugees in Malaysia! Listen to their stories, look at their photos, taste their traditional food,and see cultural performances from Burma, Nepal and the Philippines. Watch documentaries about the lives of migrants and refugees. See what you can do to protect and help migrants and refugees in Malaysia.


*This programme is organised by the Migration Working Group in conjunction with 50:44, a coalition of civil society groups celebrating the 50th year of the Independence of Malaya and the 44th year of the Federation of Malaysia.

[Source: Amnesty International Malaysia – The Meaning of Merdeka]

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September 7, 2007 at 6:29 am

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