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Real World ‘CSI’

I came across this entry.

She reminds me of this (among the morass of bookmark tags in del.ico.us):

The popularity of television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Files, he says, has turned millions of viewers into real-life science sleuths.

The phenomenon has reached into both classrooms and courtrooms. Universities have seen a dramatic increase in applications to forensic science programs. Prosecutors, meanwhile, are facing greater pressure from science-savvy juries to present sophisticated forensic evidence in court.

In ‘CSI’ crime lab, the technology is on Hollywood adrenaline.

For example, on CSI, a computer automatically matches fingerprints to those in its database. But in real life, scientists must perform such detailed work. And while DNA testing on the show is instant, in real life it takes at least a week.

[Source: National Geographic – “‘CSI’ Effect” Is Mixed Blessing for Real Crime Labs (September 23, 2004)]

Got to love the visualizations and infographics though — comparable to Autodesk TED2008 – The BIG VIZ Production presentation.


When science crushes the near-infallible wall of pseudo-science, please proceed to cover into the tunnel of enlightenment.

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July 20, 2008 at 1:46 pm

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