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Gute Nacht

This week in summary:

  1. Maybank2u payment for bills and rent.
  2. Credit Card application to replace Citibank card.
  3. Apply for Public Mutual Unit Trust (thanks, Teesside Girl).
  4. Bought Deuter Aircontact Pro 60+15 Trekking bag, Deuter First Aid Kit (M), Deuter Cargo Bag Exp and Deuter Transport Cover 60-90L.
  5. Wore a new sandal; Teva Mush.
  6. Utilised a various sizes of Mesh Bag — from cable wire, paperwork to clothing.
  7. Looking for Red Wing 6681Hiker, bought Red Wing 440 6-inch instead.
  8. Installed azure blue track blind curtain.
  9. Printing, packing, calling, waiting and running errands.
  10. Offshore; back in 45 days.

Gute nacht.

Written by cthulhu

August 27, 2008 at 2:04 am

Last (Malam) Nisfu Syaaban — Halve the Tranquility, Dearth of Spirituality

I’m lost, in this path of salvation.

(It took me 5 days later to publish this simple draft)

I’m (still) the same cynic (and procrastinator, hehehe).


It’s raining today; I showered in the light drizzle on my way back from the kopitiam.

Enjoying every drops of the rainfall, over me and over the swimming pool — as I’m on my way back to the domicile. Feeling the urge to submerge in its tranquillity.

Instead, uneasiness emerged, and I’m immersed in it.

I’m waiting to abscond from this confined mist, toward the calming beacon.

Tomorrow, beckons.


Flight, on Sunday.

I. Need. To. Flee.

Written by cthulhu

August 21, 2008 at 4:23 pm

Haiku Sunday: The Black Dress

Forgotten warm night
Silky fabric was unbox
Ecstasy unleashed


It hits me, as it rain outside the hotel. The hot shower in the bathtub numbing. The sudden realization — how I’m out of touch with “the other side of the world”.


Disturbingly alone, in the metamorphosis of life. Left alone, in my cocoon.

The world passes by today with Beijing Olympics, Singapore National Day, and wedding dinner(s) of past lover, old friends and “friend”. Invited, yet declined. Uninvited, yet inclined.

The world passes with celebration of life.

While I’m in the underpass of life celebration.


How ironic, Johann Sebastian Bach’ s Ave Maria was playing against a backdrop of Muslim funeral on TV.

Written by cthulhu

August 10, 2008 at 12:08 am