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The coughing getting phlegmy, sinus blockage seems to be a constant nuisance and I can’t seem to tolerate the atmospheric pressure changes during the mid-flight as every descend and ascend makes my temple throbbing with pain — and I travel by plane a lot.

Ever since I done chamber diving inside the decompression chamber under U.S. Navy Revision 4 Treatment Table 5 last November 2008, I suspect the rupture in the sinus and the ear drum contributed to this deteriorating health.

During the decompression from sea level to 50 feet (15.24 m), my body can still cope with the 2.6 kg/cm² absolute pressure (1 atm (10m) = 1.03 kg/cm². Absolute pressure equal to 1 atm plus 15.24m gauge pressure). In the entry lock during the decompression, my heart working hard to exert blood into the brain. I felt a slight light-headedness. Once I got into the main lock and started breathing pure oxygen (99.8% Oxygen) through the Built-in-Breathing Systems (BIBS) mask, that when I started to bleed — through my nose.

Every ascend of 10 feet (3.048 m), I would started to bleed profusely. My chamber diving partner and the chamber operator were aware of the situation. I need to equalise my ear drum and sinus until the pressure inside my head equal to the outside pressure. The ascending time from 50 feet to sea level would take around 3 hours. There I was, with blood spattering all inside the BIBS mask.

On the surface — once I reach the sea level — I got a towel dampened with dark red blood. A sanguine experience if you ask me.

I gone through 1 week being offshore on that vessel with deafened hearing. 

Being almost 6 month in confined room on two different vessel with centralised and separate air-conditioning system. Together with poor ventilation and maintenance on the filter. I reckon it would affect as much on my current health.

I’m off for an appointment with Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist.


Good luck with the pre-surgery medical check-up at HKL, Sue.


I don’t mind the teasing in the middle of my sleep after long hours of drive from East Coast to KL. I would love to hear your voice again. I miss your voice — a resonance of joy and the mirthful vibe. I wish it would be more private; away from the prying cohabitant(s). I wanted to indulge in that fleeting conversation like an ephemeral song of Sirens. No matter the adverse effect to my sanity.

Itchy that ryhmes with bitchy, is the least utterance that is desirable, especially from [him] in the middle of that morning conversation.

It can’t be help. I need to get used to the idea of separation, if I need to mend this heart.

I remember the end of December 2007. It’s already one year from that day one; we ushering the disillusionment of fate. Not one day pass,  as passion-spent, hunger-sated, thirst-drown, and all the bitterness and blind faith, with a shot of guilt for catalyst has reflected on our self-preservation of sanity.

Suffocating on present life routine while revelling past memories.

Perhaps I have an attachment issues. Coping mechanism that simply do not operate on an adult level, it is as though in my own mind, I can’t get past age eighteen.

A cynic fool, I’m.

Written by cthulhu

January 24, 2009 at 4:12 am

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