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Writing Is a Form of Therapy; Sometimes I Wonder How All Those Who Do Not Write, Compose or Paint Can Manage to Escape the Madness, the Melancholia, the Panic Fear

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Helvetica Project (Moleskine Edition)

Helvetica Project (Moleskine Edition)

…the panic fear which is inherent in the human situation.

— Graham Greene (1904–1991), British novelist. Ways of Escape.

Εββ asked — bluntly —  does Moleskine® makes my writing better. She didn’t emphasize whether it’s my grammar, narrative or writing style. Since that would be weird for someone with literature background to question the medium of written prose, be it papyrus or stone tablet. It’s the content that’s matter — and the expression.

It must be my hideous handwritting (unlike some people that I know of).

If the medium would be the case. Maybe I should write electronically. This is where Wacom Intuos3 A5 (PTZ630) and Wacom Bamboo Fun A5 (CTE-650K) come in. The latter for my sister who’s into deviantART deviations.

While the Intuos3 would be a perfect match for the new 17″ MacBook Pro (waiting for the shipment). Why Intuos3? Ergonomics

Mouse Arm Syndrome (MAS) is a general term for the injuries that result from repetitive, forceful movements in body parts such as fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. Using a traditional computer mouse involves repetitive, prolonged clicking with the user’s hand and forearm twisted at an awkward, unnatural angle. This can lead to sore muscles and significantly increases the risk of RSI.

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. My right hand have this tingling sensation during the prolong use of mouse. I must been affected with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) since the advent of internet in my life. Bloglines really help me with better reading experience, using keyboard to browse the RSS entries. For graphic and video editing, I need something more natural to the nimble digits. Pen tablets is the answer.

Why Intuous3? It compliments my first DSLR: Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I need something to do the dodge and burn, tilf-shift and HDR effects, as easy as manipulating brush strokes.

Before this entry sounds like gadget commercial (Engadget or Gizmodo) from an artsy fartsy mensch. I better start to act apathetic and monotonous like some of you would expect from someone who work offshore for effing 3-6 months.

To be distinctly cultured have their risk. Better to be subtly philistine and mundane. In one of the inner subset instead the outlaying cluster of dark spot. In her case, I can celebrate the joy of celibacy now, since I got ample phallic gadgetry to masturbate with. Yeay! *orgasmic-sarcasm*

Meh. (That’s from me)

Have a go at Ken Follett’s The Pillar of the Earth. The story of the building of a magnificent cathederal, written by an atheist. Thank you, Mr. Taylor (Diving Operation Superintendent) for the book suggestion (after a rambling conversation about Nietzsche’s dead god and Camus’s dying god).

Meh. (That’s from her)

Why Intuous3? I know it’s silly to buy one (or two) just because of my fugly handwritting. Perhaps the smooth moleskine paper texture would help to improve my handwriting in a way, and the pen tablet for hand dexterity, as well as reducing the pain around my wrist.




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