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the smylere with the knyf under the cloke

TEKHKA: By Art:tech of eightyfourcube

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Hello! I’m TEKHKA and I have a plan.

I work at a recycling factory, and I secretly steal little parts and components.

I would tear them apart, test them, fix them, arrange them and eventually rebuild them and attach them to myself.

I had always wanted to travel through time, and the plan was that.

I am going to be a time machine!” ^^

*TEKHKA = TEKHNOLOGIA (‘technology’ origin from greek) + NOOKA. [Via ART:TECH X NOOKANOOKA]

Just look at the fine ink on the mecha nookanooka vinyl — exquisitely detailed.

Air vent on top, wired with hydraulics and pneumatics cable and trademarked 84 time traveler machine.

I want one! And there’s only one -_-;

Please vote for Najib Art:tech at H5 nookanooka artist series.


Designers Anatomy Ver2.0/09. Limited edition of 55 individually numbered, gold on black.

Alright, if I can’t get TEKHKA, then the dav2 (also designed by Art:tech) would be suffice.

There goes my RM84 to eightyfourcube.

Written by cthulhu

March 20, 2010 at 5:07 pm

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