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Want to help prevent online bullying? Comment on Facebook

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“I think of that moment of sea change like a sort of herd immunity. The positive voices, when there are enough of them, keep abusive ones from spreading, just as a mostly vaccinated population protects those few people who are not. Together, we have the power to protect the most vulnerable among us.” The last time I talked about the psoriasis issues within opposite gender self-esteem, it’s automatically derailed into sexism, the theoretical her and the physical she was derided from one guy after another like a negative herd mentality. It’s terrifying, because those guy are friends that I knew who spoke highly of society moral value. Heck, even can’t shut up to the idea of Scandinavian values — of Hygge, Sisu and Lagom, of Danishness, Finnishness and Swedishness. There’s reason I stop talking to these people.


As TED’s social media editor, I have seen a lot of nasty comments. I’ve seen grown men and women deride a 14-year-old girl for her choice of dress. I’ve seen them say they’re revolted by a beautiful transgender woman. On every talk about race, I’ve seen a slew of racist comments. But none have ever been as bad as the comments we got when we published Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk, The Price of Shame. At least at first.

When Monica spoke at TED2015, held in March in Vancouver, the audience in the room received her with warmth and generosity of spirit. Many who’d had reservations were swayed by her talk. We saw this kind, vulnerable, strong woman who wanted to be heard — a woman who knew what was at stake for the victims of public shaming and who deeply hoped to get her message right. For someone scarred…

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April 3, 2015 at 2:51 pm

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Fez Knows Mandalorian, Klingon, Quenya, Cthonic the Language of the Elder Gods

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Black Cat by Blitzenius

Finally Facebook forced me to accept their new “Myspace” layout. Next week they’ll forced feed me with gibberish status update.

I’m glad there’s still humour in the coding department.


My last entry seemed like I’m overtly enthusiastic with my old job. Whereas, the faster I finished up the task. The earlier I could take my break for the Laneway Festival in Singapore.

I know that I can’t digest the whole information in a week to create the database from zero and I don’t dare to set my own dateline before the music festival. Thus, I’m pretty much pessimistic about my presence to the festival.

At least there’s still Deftones and MGMT to look forward to.


Freelancing is fun, and scary world of responsibilities.

I’m half-way being the Subsea Engineer with a part-timer job as cinematographer, but nowhere near the 2-axis motion time-lapse videographer that I wanted to be.

February will be the month I collected few time-lapse shot of the urban cities and the rural areas for my portfolio.

March to June, a 3 month spells of HDSLR production work with Astro.

July to September, course work at TWI, Thailand or Scotland for CSWIP 3.4U Underwater Inspection Controller.

October to December, offshore work at Turkmenistan or oversea cinematography work with Manggis.tv — again.


I’ll ask her out.

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January 19, 2011 at 1:07 am

Fashionably Speaking (via Untitled Journal)

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I didn’t know that Stylist Hijabist become a subculture in this hot tropical country and by stylist I meant a multiple amount of layer draped upon the fashionably attire.

I used to hike in UK, mainly in Scotland whereas it’s a survival requirement to wear base-layer, mid-layer and outer-layer (preferably GORE-TEX®) clothing. That’s in late-winter and pre-spring. It’s chic to wear four seasons fashion in four seasons countries — practically speaking. The only onion-layered garment that is acceptable in tropical country is Sari. Unless of course you’re one of the air-conditioned inhabitant that didn’t care much about sustainability and the melting ice caps.

Don’t get me wrong but minimalist is always a touch of avant-garde because it’s hard to capture the essence of beauty in minimal way — like design and architecture — yet practical and sensible.

On a different note. This is the first time I’m experimenting with WordPress feature: Reblog This Post. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out in my blog. This comment editing is done in QuickPress field and not the usual New Post field.

I’m afraid my blog is going to be another Tumblr wannabe.

Gosh, I was so naughty last weekend. And I blame it on my sister. The previous weekend before, I saw these three gorgeous skirts that I totally can wear both formally and casually. The problem was they cost like RM100+ each and when I tried them all hoping at least one would be lucky to go home with me, turned out all of them scored. So I went to the shops like three times and tried twice until I brought two of them to the counter and when the gi … Read More

via Untitled Journal

EDIT: It turned out well, but I prefer if the tag section in QuickPress field isn’t misleading. It didn’t show up in the actual post. Also, I prefer if the quoted article is on top instead of at the bottom. The flow of the entry is more coherent given that I come out with my thought first before the reader even understand what I’m prattling about.

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December 7, 2010 at 6:00 pm

Twitter on WordPress & Bloglines with MerchantCircle

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Wow, WordPress make it so easy to quote twitter with it’s new Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin. It just a matter of copy and paste the twitter link. No screenshot whatsoever (as seen on test shot on top and below). The geek in me is pleased.

And Bloglines is saved, by the people at MerchantCircle who bought it from Ask.com. Nothing can beat the user interface of this excellent RSS Aggregator (not even Google Reader). The geek in me is overwhelmingly pleased.

Now if only I can archive those tweet (minus the mention) automatically in WordPress by weekly schedule like I did with del.ico.us links.

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November 9, 2010 at 2:26 am

Ministry of silly (via Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?)

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What the heck. WordPress can reblog like Tumblr. Like, like Facebook and subscribed rss feed like Bloglines (well, almost).

I can now announce myself as smug as this kitteh. A smug wordpress user.

Ok, Tumblr is still a massive time waster at the moment. Not so much with Facebook. Oh, goodbye Bloglines *sniff*.

Ministry of silly Ministry of silly walks feline division i challanj u 2 a walk-off! LoL by: FISHPicture by: Unknown» Recaption This!» View All Captions … Read More

via Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

EDIT: WordPress just added new feature: Sexy Stats. You read my mind, WordPress. I love charts.

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September 30, 2010 at 7:24 am