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Rejected Command and Conquer 3 Novel

Tycho Brahe’s completed a Command & Conquer 3 novel which was then rejected. Electronic Arts loss of revenue is irrefutable by denying the ground breaking magnum opus by the eldritch author who among other works includes Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One. Holy fruit fucker! What a loss!

Penny Arcade - Dynamism - Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars™ Novel

Then the harvester returned to base with some tiberium. It deposited its load before returning to the tiberium field to get more. After harvesting some tiberium, it retuned back toward the base…eventually they run out of tiberium!


Tiberium Wars™ - Soylent Green

Here’s my version. The tiberium actually turns out to be Soylent Green!


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Written by cthulhu

April 28, 2007 at 3:51 am

>:3 RAWR!

/b/tards in Second Life:


[14:55] Persephone M: HOLY SHIT! A LION!! GET IN THE CAR!!!
[14:55] Vyce S: Phail.
[14:55] samus F: :O!
[14:55] Fez R: more epic. less phail.
[14:56] Vyce S: Fixed.
[14:56] Persephone M: NO U!
[14:56] Vyce S: Jesus Christ, it’s a lion! Get in the car!
[14:56] Second Life: samus F has left this session.
[14:56] Vyce S: Gtfo
[14:56] Persephone M shows tits instead.
[14:56] Persephone M: Tits are always an option.
[14:56] Persephone M: Unless you’re a homofag.
[14:57] Persephone M: No, they make a reverse.
[14:57] Persephone M: Or is that a left?
[14:57] Vyce S: PARADOX
[14:57] Persephone M: IMMA CHARGIN MAH LASER!
[14:58] Vyce S: LAZOR* Fixed.
[14:58] Vyce S: Fukken lurk moar.
[14:58] Persephone M: You must be one of those 15 year old pimple faced people with no life outside of /b/.
[14:58] Vyce S: Shit, where is your camera? I’m trying to fap, here.
[14:59] Persephone M: Up my pussy, bitch.
[14:59] Vyce S: im in ur urethra, fappin 2 /b/
[14:59] Persephone M: im in ur skoolz, pwnin ur noobs.
[15:00] RockinIntoMordor H: but yea, rarely got on here
[15:00] Vyce S: FAIL
[15:00] Persephone M: I’m made of sex and fail.
[15:00] RockinIntoMordor H: I’m in your VT, shotting up your Nerds.
[15:00] Persephone M: I love to fail.
[15:01] Vyce S: Persephone, the emperor commands you destroy this fail.
[15:01] Persephone M: im in ur penis, giving you vd.
[15:01] RockinIntoMordor H: I loves that VD, makes my pissing sting real good
[15:01] Persephone M: wait
[15:01] Persephone M: how do i shot web?
[15:01] RockinIntoMordor H: loli dunno
[15:01] Vyce S: get bitten by a radioactive spidor
[15:01] Persephone M: loli haet pedo
[15:02] Vyce S: loli heat pizza
[15:04] RockinIntoMordor H: anyone feeling like raiding up some furries?
[15:05] Second Life: Persephone M has left this session.
[15:05] Second Life: Vyce S has left this session.
[15:07] Second Life: Fez R has left this session.
[15:12] Second Life: RockinIntoMordor H has left this session.


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Written by cthulhu

April 26, 2007 at 2:43 am

Folding@Home Distributed Computing: Certificate for Folding 1 Workunit

F@H is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases. The client isn’t running on full processing power since it’s installed on my working laptop, hence the 1 workunit completion.

Folding@Home Distributed Computing: Certificate for Folding 1 Workunit

Today, even owning a Playstation 3 could helps greatly with this humane project. You don’t only own a game console, but also an instrument of life-aiding features. The PS3 system’s Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) processor has dramatically added to the computing performance of the Folding@Home project. Using its Cell Broadband Engine, Sony’s PS3 can run folding simulations roughly 20 to 30 times faster than the standard PC. Since the launch of F@H program in March, over 250,000 PS3 units deliver nearly 400 teraflops of computing power. With that processing power, simulations can be done in few weeks instead of normally more than a year to calculate.


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Written by cthulhu

April 26, 2007 at 2:08 am

AppName: cnc3game.dat ModName: d3d9.dll

with 8 comments

The Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars screen crashed and these code splashed on the lcd screen: AppName: cnc3game.dat ModName: d3d9.dll. That’s what you get for playing high-end RTS game on pseudo-fitted gaming rig called laptop. The rig only met one-third of the required minimum system requirements:

2.0 GHz or AMD equivalent / Windows Vista 2.2 GHz
512 MB RAM / Windows Vista 1 GB RAM
8x DVD drive
6.0 GB free space
GeForce 4 Ti, ATI Radeon 8500 video card

As three portable machines running seamlessly on a Wi-Fi network, the room heated with the constant heat vapour exhausted from the processor heat-sink. The new one almost became game dedicated rig while running Folding@Home to compensate the drained utilities resources for good of humanity, one laptop running Second Life while leeching torrent files from Swedish server (and another hundreds of machine elsewhere) and this 7 years old laptop became my work engine.

Face bathed with low emission light as the sweat trickled, the constant crashing was getting on my nerve last night. And so I experimented with different graphics options in the game settings. I finally got it right at medium level. The funny thing is, the game never fails to crash every 2 minutes on very low and low setting as opposed to high and ultra high setting—which is “eldritch” in nature—on the latter two high-end setting, the gameplay gets jerky, playable only if your patience is on par with Khan Noonien Singh (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).

Got it patched to version 1.4 and set the graphics options to medium, it fixed mine, and now hoping to blast off Scrin bases to kingdom come.

Graphics options set to medium:

Tiberium Wars - Graphics Option

Graphics options from very low, low, medium, high to ultra-high (in sequence):

Tiberium Wars - Very Low Graphics OptionTiberium Wars - Low Graphics OptionTiberium Wars - Medium Graphics OptionTiberium Wars - High Graphics OptionTiberium Wars - Ultra High Graphics Option

Another thing I like about the game (beside the great RTS gaming experience) is the full motion video (FMV) scenes—and to line up the casts of geek-dom is like “geek character orgy of sheer awesomeness.”

Command & Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars - Ctrl-Alt-Del - Association

I am so happy that Command and Conquer 3 is finally here. It doesn’t reinvent the RTS genre or anything, but it’s got the perfect blend of speed, action, fun and pretty graphics. I’m having a blast with it.

I also absolutely love the FMV scenes. I think FMV, like 2D video games, is a medium that the industry has dropped to the wayside just because we can do more technologically demanding stuff. We can do incredible CGI cinematics. We can do completely 3D video game worlds. But just because we can do new stuff, doesn’t make what we used to do worthless.


Here are some pictures of the actors as their characters in-game, as well as what other stuff I know them from. You can decide for yourself if I did any semblance of a decent job capturing them, if you’re not already familiar with the actors. I gave Billy Dee Williams his old Lando hairdo and swashbucklin’ cape, just for kicks.

Tiberium Wars - Ctrl-Alt-Del - Casts

Jennifer Morrison (Allison, from House, M.D.) is also in the game, but I didn’t put her in the comic. G.D.I. already had three people, and I wasn’t sure that House was “geeky” enough to fit with the other references.

[Source: Ctrl-Alt-Del]

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Written by cthulhu

April 14, 2007 at 12:13 am