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Women/Ladies Reclaim/Rock the Night @ Arab Square + Cloth & Clef

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Ladies Rock the Night @ Cloth & Clef

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Amnesty International Malaysia’s “Women Reclaim the Night” on 9 March 2010 to celebrate International Women’s Day 100th anniversary.

This is the continuation of the previous entry. WordPress somehow refused to separate two gallery of different event — so here’s the second entry.

Cloth & Clef

Whenever Cloth & Clef comes to mind. The imagery of clef symbol that is created in my mind usually a different symbolism referred to James Clavell’s Shogun.

The clef musical symbol — or tauge as my roommate, back in Newcastle University who’s studying Master in Music Performance used to say — is an anatomical cleft.

Freudian maybe.

But more because I was reading this book during my primary years — and the graphic narration in it — scarred me.

Yet, I cherished the small library of James Clavell historical fiction at home. Growing up with the book however is a different story. The word clef, stuck as cleft in my mind.

“…poor bastards not hungry, he’s starving…he’ll gorge like a ravenous wolf…vomit it up like as fast as a drunk-gluttoned whore…eat like an animal and vomit like an animal…Not in front of a piss-cutting sonofabitch — particularly one as cleaned minded as a pox-mucked whore’s cleft!”

It seem apropos as the night of International Women’s Day ended at Cloth & Clef.

Clef as the symbolism of womanhood — at least in this perverted mind of mine.

“…lazy bunch of black bastards…how does one wear this? She held up the…codpiece…he wears in front, like this…over his trousers…over his cod… she looked at the bosun’s (codpiece) studying it. He felt her look and stirred…You want a quickie?…a bunk in the next cabin. Send your friend aloft..I’ll pay the usual…piece of copper — even 3 if your like stoat, and you’ll straddle the best cock between here and Lisbon…”

At this point the ladies bodyguard who doesn’t understand English senses something wrong and intervenes by drawing sword. The bosun responds by drawing pistols.

“Go on, monkey, come at me, you stink-pissed shithead!…tell this monkey to put up his sword or he’ll be a headless sonofabitch before he can fart!…monkey faced bastard pulled a sword…”

Reading James Clavell’s work, clearly doesn’t celebrate women’s dignity — much.

The noise at Cloth & Clef rendered that sexism at bay — yeay, girl power.

Solidarity Walk will end at Cloth & Clef, Cangkat Bukit Bintang for our Ladies Rock The Night Gig hosted by Rina Omar with main performance by all female band from Malaysia The PIPS and Liyana Fizi. The night will also witness a special performance by a band from China: The Overdose. The Gig also features musical performance from Liyana Fizi, Maleena, Beeha, Diandra Arjunaidi, Siew Wai Kok with Yong Yandsen, and poetry by Alina Abdullah, Marini Rafar, Fazleena Hishamuddin & Illya Syahirah featuring Amira.

To summarize:

Female gig performer: lo-fi feel at the preliminary set, some cover song and the usual radio-friendly lovey-dovey song.

Diandra Arjunaidi the Orange

Beeha Yeeha

Liyana Jasmay! Eh, Fizi -- FORKUSTIK @ Annexe Gallery inside joke

Poetry: the local poet up the ante with the poetry slam. Elaine Foster was there too — as an audience. Two of the poetry revolved around heart-break and failed relationship — the girls are mad as a hatter, must be the mercurial emotion. They don’t spit odium — only hokum at the podium.

Men -- you suck!

Experimental music: Hmm, can’t quite stomach it, despite the avant-garde nature — that is if you like the sound of barfing, tweeting and broken saxophone for 12 minutes. What a waste of 12 minutes of recording time in my precious Canon 5dm2. Poor baby.

Man, you blow!

The Pips: the heart of the mosh pit. I’m your new fan — Dyson Air Multiplier™ Fan.

Rina Omar: "Hey, we have the same height! High five!" A Midsummer's Night Dream's Bespectacled Fairy Reject: "No, I'm not." Rina Omar: "At least we're bespectacled."

The Overdose: the slosh of the mosh pit. The blue collar worker seemed to enjoy it very much — and it’s 2 am, imagined how much booze they drunk that night.

Ni yao si mo?

The gig ended with a cluster of punkish skins in front of the joint.


I bought Deepset – The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes album at the selling-booth (not in the picture). Here’s some swags from the event. Copic markers not included.

Amnesty International Malaysia swags

FORKUSTIK: Seni Untuk Sebuah Revolusi? @ Annexe Gallery

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Public forum & music performances on Sunday evening at Annexe Gallery.

Nurul Izzah Anwar (yang skema) was there — “Jangan sampai Politik membelakangi Seni.”

Hishamuddin Rais (NGI a.k.a Non-Governmental Individual) — “Kita masih dalam bingkai pemikiran melayu”. Just like the couple behind me, who just can’t stop fucking (I learn this curse word a lot from Haekal-muthafucka-Talib — kesian kat budak kecik kat depan tu) talk. To that guy behind me: Siapa poyo, lu ler poyo brudder, duduk dalam bingkai yang bingai.

Hasmi Hashim (writer and politician) — “Apa yangs saya paham, Seni untuk Revolusi Politik, bukan untuk Revolusi Sukan — Revolusi ni, bapak kepada Reformasi.”

Fared Ayam (theatre practitioner) — “Lepas ni kita tunggu Che Det the Musical (di Istana Budaya) — Dan lagu yang ada perkataan revolusi bukan ‘sincere’ pasal Revolusi!”

Haekal Taleb (musician and former band member of Komplot) — “Mawi tak reti nyanyi — $%&*#!!!”

Founder of Music Forum and music activist Mazir Ibrahim (forum moderator) — “Dipersilakan Liyana Jasmay!”

Liyana Fizi (of defunct Estrella) came to play the ending performance. She’s also at the opening performance after Meor Yusof and Nikbindijan.

Beeha play three playlist — “Encik Hishamuddin, eh, Abang Hishamuddin Rais”; Fared Ayam, “Aku tak marah, tapi kurang setuju la, dia (Beeha) kena pikirlah” — on lovey-dovey music to appease the ‘market’ of crass commercialisation; and Hishamuddin Rais, “Panggil saya abang *wink*,” “Dah kahwin belum?” — Nurul Izzah rolled her eyes to her ex-political campaign manager.

The exchange between Nurul Izzah and Hishamuddin Rais — priceless.

I max out the 16GB SanDisk Extreme IV CF that day — on HD video of the talks, Liyana Fizi and Beeha performance. No video for Meor Yusof and Nikbindijan since the preliminary seating I was at have a limited view of the stage. Then I changed my seating next to the guy who use Nikon DSLR and bounce flash every picture he took — which is quite annoying. I’ve to put on the lens hood for my 135mm f/2 to deflect the flash.

Word of advice: crank up the ISO, play with the available light. It’s not that dark in there! And you’re 3-5 meter away with 10 meter high ceiling.

And yeah, I eff-up the white balance. Hahaha.

Uploaded raw file. Too lazy to do tone grading.


Two exhibition at the Annexe Gallery: BEYOND OUR CITY: LIGHTS & MYTHS (Photography Exhibition) and TRADITION: Student Art From Botswana (Visual Art Exhibition). Entrance is free.

Nadia artwork is there. Who is a friend of my Flickr contact list: Daniel, strobist and available light experimenter. Her artwork usually in monochrome and tell the gritty urbanism and the derelict outpost of modernism. Showcase at the gallery is her usual trademark — dark and voyeuristic.


Bought Joby Tripod for DSLR, 5D Mark II Wireless Transmitter for Bulb Function, 3″ hard plastic cover for the view screen and spare CF — 8GB (60mbps) SanDisk Extreme CF.

Just RM50 shy from RM1k for photography gear alone.

Not bad for someone who just got back from anti-capitalism forum.

HD video will be uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube — later — once I upgraded to new MacBook Pro Core i7.

What not to love about consumerism?