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Fashionably Speaking (via Untitled Journal)

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I didn’t know that Stylist Hijabist become a subculture in this hot tropical country and by stylist I meant a multiple amount of layer draped upon the fashionably attire.

I used to hike in UK, mainly in Scotland whereas it’s a survival requirement to wear base-layer, mid-layer and outer-layer (preferably GORE-TEX®) clothing. That’s in late-winter and pre-spring. It’s chic to wear four seasons fashion in four seasons countries — practically speaking. The only onion-layered garment that is acceptable in tropical country is Sari. Unless of course you’re one of the air-conditioned inhabitant that didn’t care much about sustainability and the melting ice caps.

Don’t get me wrong but minimalist is always a touch of avant-garde because it’s hard to capture the essence of beauty in minimal way — like design and architecture — yet practical and sensible.

On a different note. This is the first time I’m experimenting with WordPress feature: Reblog This Post. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out in my blog. This comment editing is done in QuickPress field and not the usual New Post field.

I’m afraid my blog is going to be another Tumblr wannabe.

Gosh, I was so naughty last weekend. And I blame it on my sister. The previous weekend before, I saw these three gorgeous skirts that I totally can wear both formally and casually. The problem was they cost like RM100+ each and when I tried them all hoping at least one would be lucky to go home with me, turned out all of them scored. So I went to the shops like three times and tried twice until I brought two of them to the counter and when the gi … Read More

via Untitled Journal

EDIT: It turned out well, but I prefer if the tag section in QuickPress field isn’t misleading. It didn’t show up in the actual post. Also, I prefer if the quoted article is on top instead of at the bottom. The flow of the entry is more coherent given that I come out with my thought first before the reader even understand what I’m prattling about.

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December 7, 2010 at 6:00 pm

Remembering Our Other Half – India

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Event: TheOtherMalaysia (Dr. Farish Ahmad Noor) lecture on the ties that bind India & South East Asia.

Location: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe.

Here's to the ones who see things differently

Case Study: Javanese/Balinese

The Malay Hindu cultivate their Indo-Hindu culture more as an empty ritual than a doctrine. Much like Malay in Malaysia with the wedding ritual and the sultanate custom. Form without the actual substances of Hindu God.


Event: Amir Muhammad launches Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 2).

Location: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe.

Amir Muhammad and Fahmi Reza are at the launch of “Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 2)”. More foot in mouth wisdom from our great leaders.

Catch the PopTeeVee interview with “Ambi Mohan” at http://popteevee.popfolio.net/default.aspx?e=61

Interview with Fahmi Reza (documentary filmmaker of 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka) athttp://popteevee.popfolio.net/default.aspx?e=34

Watch out the word porn/pun:

Q: What’s the state of Malaysian writings at this point of time?
A: As Erma Fatima answered when she’s asked to get into the character: What state are you in?

Erma Fatima: Selangor.

And there’s the obvious one about being in “DE.NIAL”.


Assessing Culture

How enlightening, Social Science in between the technical courses of ROV Sensors, Hydrography, Underwater Acoustics and Geodesy.

The five Cultural Dimensions of Geert Hofstede:

  • Power Distance.

The degree of inequality among people which the population of a country considers as normal.

  • Individualism vs. Collectivism.

The extent to which people feel they are supposed to take care for, or to be cared for by themselves, their families or organizations they belong to.

  • Masculinity vs. Femininity.

The extent to which a culture is conducive to dominance, assertiveness and acquisition of things. Versus a culture which is more conducive to people, feelings and the quality of life.

  • Uncertainty Avoidance.

The degree to which people in a country prefer structured over unstructured situations.

  • Long-term vs. Short-Term Orientation.

Long-term: values oriented towards the future, like saving and persistence. Short-term: values oriented towards the past and present, like respect for tradition and fulfilling social obligations.

Growing Up in T(e)rengganu

“Awang Goneng does with words what Lat did with pictures.”
–Dr. Annabel Teh Gallop, Head of the South and Southeast Asia section, British Library, London.

Awang Goneng - Growing up in Trengganu

The book has been my top secret project this year, and even my better half Kak Teh only knew about it when the editing work was nearly done. My regular readers will know that Growing Up has been a regular and eccentric feature in my blog and if numbers are to be believed, the series has gone through many hundred thousand parts. But fear not, it is not coming out in many volumes but in just one small collection with cover design by a talented lady in Ireland, published by a small but reputable (and no doubt talented) publishing house in Singapore, and a cartoon of me on the writer’s bio page was drawn by a talented but no small cartoonist called Lat; and it is even embellished with photographs sent in by readers from as far away as New York and Canada. I am, needless to say, over the moon.

[Source: Kecek-Kecek – On Trengganuspeak and the Spirit of Trengganu]

The blook (book from blog) is what The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy does to AngkaSawan (Epileptic Figures) as what it does to the Ganu(s). Appreciating humour with philosophical elements, knitted with ‘foreign’ dialects (thank you Babel Fish) and immersing in nonchalant culture without the needs of a towel, unless you’re at the beach.

Just what I need now — books and towel — at Pulau Perhentian.