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Arbeit macht frei


Work Brings Freedom

The project(s) in shambolic. Planning the completion of the operation(s) by half of realistic plan.

Devising lies upon lies, to deceive for profits. Relying on faulty equipment and incompetence personnel to compensate for lower project expenditure.

Arbeit macht frei. Self-sacrifice of endless labour brings spiritual freedom.

I’m trapped in the prison of unethical work practice. Suffocating on miasma of pretension. Deafened by the blaring sound of deception. A recipe for good technical report of smoke and mirrors.

I’m weary of the nullified qualm of conscience in the department. Sacrificing my own principles for bread and butter. Blinded with subtopian necessity.

In the breathe of Aristotle maxim: primum vivere, deinde philosophari –first live, then philosophize.

I’m disillusioned.

Written by cthulhu

July 6, 2008 at 2:11 pm