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Women Reclaim the Night @ Arab Square

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Amnesty International Malaysia’s “Women Reclaim the Night” on 9 March 2010 to celebrate International Women’s Day 100th anniversary.

I’ve been a paid member of Amnesty International Malaysia since 2007. I’m not a volunteer that day. Just joining in for the sake of human right (and some noise at the gig) — Women’s Right are Human Right! (Hillary Clinton, Beijing, China: 5 September 1995).

Growing a pair of moobs and being a bra burner (I don’t wear one), qualified me as a bona fide participant.

Dina Zaman

Dina Zaman launched the event with Kartini (Tini) & Rafidah (Rafa) of 3R as the host. The other 3R host, Celina, is asleep. No, she’s being undercover for some crime investigation tv production. I’ve to google for the host name (three of them), since it’s been awhile I watch terrestrial tv — well, I hardly watch tv for the past 5 years. Did I ever watch 3R? Maybe a gist, mostly the commercial.

Tini & Rafa of 3R

Dina Zaman just arrived from Jakarta and had to leave early (with entourage from Marie Claire). Rafidah too had to leave for Penang that night for another International Women’s Day event at USM.

There’s a short speech by Dina Zaman as the police hovering around the perimeter, at one point, a police patrol car drove real slowly by the Arab Square — but not intimidating enough. The ambiance was electrifying even with the small crowd. Maybe it’s the static and the warm hot night.

Hot ecstatic females that’s aesthetic — that too gave me static (and statics to the ground and statistics in my mind).

Is that sexist? It’s International Women’s Day after all.

Women with intellectual is sexy.

The Tree

Han mesmerize us with poetry reading.

Nora of Amnesty International Malaysia summarize the event and proceed with Solidarity Walk afterward to Cloth and Clef along Changkat Bukit Bintang.

But not after Rumah Anak Teater’s street theater skit: RAGUT — on snatch crime and marginalized sexy women that became the victim of opportunistic criminal. Sexy women is a victim too.

The Victim

This sexy woman is a victim too — of our tropical and global warm weather that’s shrinking the polar ice caps. And the trend is in tandem with the minimalist fashion sense.

Yes, it’s that hot (pun intended).

Rempit dude, who drives car in RAGUT

RAGUT, a street theater by Rumah Anak Teater held true to the intention of the event:

Women on a daily basis were forced to negotiate their fundamental rights to movement and personal security due to the climate of impunity, discrimination and lack of gender consideration in development issues.

Women continue to find themselves left out and be reminded that the Night is not a time for Women to be on the Street due to the risk of personal safety and violence. We choose to end this circle of Discrimination and the Culture of Fear that women are raised into and threatened by the possibility of violence to walk the streets at Night.

The rest of the night — is noise.

The Solidarity Walk is a whistle-blowing march towards the mosh pit of Cloth & Clef. We really annoyed those Indonesian makcik warung and Caucassian binge-drinker along the Changkat Bukit Bintang road.

Wow, I just proved that I’m not only sexist. I’m also a chauvinistic keris-welding Malay-Siamese-Arab-Yunnan-Chinese.

Take that #yorais!

I’ll change my mode now (this joke won’t get old — and getting old is never as old with #yorais).

Rafidah 3R is now live on Malaysiakini! Subscribe now!

That’s Rafidah on Malaysiakini webtv — “It’s an eventful night, I can’t wait to join the mosh pit! Look at my spiraling-rainbow skirt! Wee!”

The mosh pit came later after midnight, and Rafidah never did join us among The Punk and the Rastafarian. The blue collar worker was headed by Joe Kidd of Ricecooker.

Joe, mu masok doh dalang bloglines rolls gua, natam.

Fared-Faridah-Ayam on the lookout

Gallery of lo-fi female performers; poetry-reading; experimental sound of barf, tweeting and saxophonist-challenge tune (which is avant-garde); punkish mosh pit and hardcore feminism with middle-finger gig — is at the next entry.

FORKUSTIK: Seni Untuk Sebuah Revolusi? @ Annexe Gallery

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Public forum & music performances on Sunday evening at Annexe Gallery.

Nurul Izzah Anwar (yang skema) was there — “Jangan sampai Politik membelakangi Seni.”

Hishamuddin Rais (NGI a.k.a Non-Governmental Individual) — “Kita masih dalam bingkai pemikiran melayu”. Just like the couple behind me, who just can’t stop fucking (I learn this curse word a lot from Haekal-muthafucka-Talib — kesian kat budak kecik kat depan tu) talk. To that guy behind me: Siapa poyo, lu ler poyo brudder, duduk dalam bingkai yang bingai.

Hasmi Hashim (writer and politician) — “Apa yangs saya paham, Seni untuk Revolusi Politik, bukan untuk Revolusi Sukan — Revolusi ni, bapak kepada Reformasi.”

Fared Ayam (theatre practitioner) — “Lepas ni kita tunggu Che Det the Musical (di Istana Budaya) — Dan lagu yang ada perkataan revolusi bukan ‘sincere’ pasal Revolusi!”

Haekal Taleb (musician and former band member of Komplot) — “Mawi tak reti nyanyi — $%&*#!!!”

Founder of Music Forum and music activist Mazir Ibrahim (forum moderator) — “Dipersilakan Liyana Jasmay!”

Liyana Fizi (of defunct Estrella) came to play the ending performance. She’s also at the opening performance after Meor Yusof and Nikbindijan.

Beeha play three playlist — “Encik Hishamuddin, eh, Abang Hishamuddin Rais”; Fared Ayam, “Aku tak marah, tapi kurang setuju la, dia (Beeha) kena pikirlah” — on lovey-dovey music to appease the ‘market’ of crass commercialisation; and Hishamuddin Rais, “Panggil saya abang *wink*,” “Dah kahwin belum?” — Nurul Izzah rolled her eyes to her ex-political campaign manager.

The exchange between Nurul Izzah and Hishamuddin Rais — priceless.

I max out the 16GB SanDisk Extreme IV CF that day — on HD video of the talks, Liyana Fizi and Beeha performance. No video for Meor Yusof and Nikbindijan since the preliminary seating I was at have a limited view of the stage. Then I changed my seating next to the guy who use Nikon DSLR and bounce flash every picture he took — which is quite annoying. I’ve to put on the lens hood for my 135mm f/2 to deflect the flash.

Word of advice: crank up the ISO, play with the available light. It’s not that dark in there! And you’re 3-5 meter away with 10 meter high ceiling.

And yeah, I eff-up the white balance. Hahaha.

Uploaded raw file. Too lazy to do tone grading.


Two exhibition at the Annexe Gallery: BEYOND OUR CITY: LIGHTS & MYTHS (Photography Exhibition) and TRADITION: Student Art From Botswana (Visual Art Exhibition). Entrance is free.

Nadia artwork is there. Who is a friend of my Flickr contact list: Daniel, strobist and available light experimenter. Her artwork usually in monochrome and tell the gritty urbanism and the derelict outpost of modernism. Showcase at the gallery is her usual trademark — dark and voyeuristic.


Bought Joby Tripod for DSLR, 5D Mark II Wireless Transmitter for Bulb Function, 3″ hard plastic cover for the view screen and spare CF — 8GB (60mbps) SanDisk Extreme CF.

Just RM50 shy from RM1k for photography gear alone.

Not bad for someone who just got back from anti-capitalism forum.

HD video will be uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube — later — once I upgraded to new MacBook Pro Core i7.

What not to love about consumerism?