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Question: Quest + Action

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Quest: Dirty Outdoor. Dirty Indoor.

Action: Laundry. Spring Cleaning.

Question: As thy heart torn asunder, why doth mine grow fonder? Broken elevator, rising televator. As I stand stunted with abrupt halt of ascending elevation, I scale the ladder. Mending silently, attempting to hoist her beyond the basement gloom. She rise, looming in glistening beauty — metallic hard, glassy class and velvet softness. No more, mere broken shell of an elevator, where none shall enter.

That my child, is Mr. Janitor in love.

A janitor with a history of OCD — and a darker secret.


Fiction inspired by a heartbroken elevator, that none shall enter.

If the Winds Rage, Doth Not the Sea Wax Mad

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“Puggy’s bathos is apropos, quite a pathos-etic she is. I pity my placid mental faculty and lauding her lucid elucidatory discernment. She’s the next un-Terran Jehovah personification. Praise her for she will JUDGE you on this realm of sanctity.”

I thought this aging shout-out in the other universe of far, far away only rings true to certain type of aliens that I (regret) happened to meet.

Today after 1, 2, 3, 4 years with the fictionalised deus ex machina, I realised how “apropos” the shout-out closer to home. Homing down to the (pug)ilistic and temperamental nature of the fictitious Bantha.

Felicity isn’t tenacious to the shaggy fur of hirsute animosity.

The bathos effect (abrupt change to ordinary style: in writing or speech, a sudden descent in style or manner from the elevated or sublime to the commonplace, producing a ludicrous effect) is aesthetic only to the lapping parasite of arid waste inside the hairy monstrosity.

In this (false) realm of (fictional) sanctity, the nasal grunting personify like the nature of acerbic echo in the middle of the cavernous dune.

Hearing Tuskens ululating “laodicean” never been so apt.


This write-up is an homage to Star Wars and Kavya Shivashankar of the 82nd annual Scripps National Spelling Bee winner. Kudos for her “composed” sang-froid! Don’t go cuckoo, yeah?

Does It Hurt?

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More than your mind can comprehend.

Written by cthulhu

May 5, 2009 at 12:20 am

souls, interrupted

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red, just like her blood

I wrote fiction in defunct “vivid station”.

Living in friction with sacrosanct “livid sanction”.

Leaving on a ‘locomotive’ to the “blue berth” away from “loco native”.

Good fiction, yes?

Bravo! Strewth!

Written by cthulhu

May 4, 2009 at 10:55 pm

The Girl in the Window

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David Raho (the writer of the poignant short story: Lucy the Girl in the Window) just found out his work had been plagiarised into a short film — with product placement for Schweppes!

Patrick Hughes has a lot to explain.


I love Schweppes’ Ginger Beer -_-