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At Low in Putra Heights, Sideway to Sunway

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It’s been one year since I visit a friend, who’s also in the Oil & Gas business — now gone freelance in the ROV field.

It’s a hard time for him with less ROV job around here. China is booming with the job, but had been monopolize by certain quarter. Even the commercial diver rate had been slumping to a new low. For Air Diver, down to USD150-USD200 per day from USD350 per day. For Saturation Diver, getting less than USD500-600 per day.

Gone are the day for my friend market rate of USD450 per day. Local market only go for USD250-300 at the moment. One local company (a big one) even have the cheek to offer him lump sum rate of RM5000 per job!

He’s at wit’s end to support his lifestyle: half-a-million house, IKEA furnished home and the VW Golf GTI.

My advice, let go of his current hobby: ten-thousand ringgit mountain bike — two of them — to pay off the monthly debt.

Next the Nikon DSLR.

Hopefully there’ll be some ROV job around January in one of my sister company for him.

As for me, 2010 seems to be a-year-round pipeline project, UWILD of FPSO and IMCA Certification for the Air and Saturation Diving System.

I’ve been thinking about getting my CSWIP 3.4u Course and call it a quit. Gone freelance with local market rate USD350-400 per day.

Ah, wishful thinking! Maybe another year or so.


I miss her.

I stop by at Sunway from Putra Heights.

She’s unavailable at that time, attending to her dad’s treatment at the hospital.

After 3 month being offshore and break-up in between the day I arrived back in KL — it’s been a torrential day of my life, with her sudden downpour of dispute.

It’s a hard time to both of us.


Yes, you may have your schadenfreude moment now.

Written by cthulhu

December 4, 2009 at 1:59 am

What Is Life, Without Friends (and MacBook Pro 17″)

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Good: 6 Month Bonus bank-in today.

Best: I can book MacBook Pro 17″ tomorrow.

Bad: Staying back late at the office till 9:00pm to meet the deadline.

Worst: I hurt the feelings two of my best friends, unintentionally. Sorry :(

Written by cthulhu

April 16, 2009 at 8:42 pm