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Go, Go, Gadget Go!

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After seeing this guy rig (Flycam). My colleague seemed very interested with the thingamajigger — to the point of trying out the rig.

Those thing cost as much as my new Kessler Pocket Dolly™ (RM2.8k range).

Since he’s a HD Video user (soon to be converted to HDSLR) and I’m a 5DM2 user, I don’t think I’ll be using the big-ugly-heavy Flycam/Glidecam any soon — depend on the job requirement that is.

Before my next budget going to burst. Here’s the check list for HDSLR new rig (we’re getting another one Canon EOS 5D Mark II):

  1. Kessler Pocket Dolly™ – Purchased at http://www.directphoto.com.my
  2. Redrock Micro eyeSpy Balance – Purchased at http://www.adorama.com
  3. Redrock Micro microFollowFocus v2 – Ordered separately with microWhips and microLensGears at http://www.adorama.com
  4. JuicedLink CX231 Camcorder XLR Audio Adapter/Mixer/Preamp – Ordered at http://www.juicedlink.com
  5. RØDE VideoMic (Directional Video Condenser Microphone) – shashinki.com have them, looking for cheaper price.
  6. Zoom H4N (X/Y Stereo Condenser Mics) – Optional. http://www.ckmusic.com.my have them.
  7. Litepanels MicroPro LED Camera Light – Trying to get one from Singapore distributor.
  8. Marshall Electronics V-LCD50-HDMI – Optional. 5″ Lightweight 800 x 480 Camera-Top / Portable Field Monitor with HDMI. This one cost an arm and a leg if I’m trying to order it online. Looking for local distributor.

Anything else?


Prime lens. I already got 50mm f/1.4 and 135mm f/2. Looking for 24mm next. Or maybe a Carl Zeiss glass :)

This is a test shot for my new zoom lens, 24-70mm f/2.8.

Not bad for a part-time job eh?

2009 Debauchery – IKEA and Gadgetry.

Since I’ll be touching the terra firma — firmly — on 2009. My piggy bank got a quite a bulge from the offshore allowance.

All deficits will go to IKEA and Gadgetry (and Trust Fund).

Financial glut, I’ll be damned.



FLOKATI Rug (Wool) W70xL130cm
BILLY Bookcase (Black Brown) W40xD28xH106cm
MOREBO Glass Door (Aluminium) W40xH96cm
MELLTORP Dining Table (White) L125xW75xH74cm
BENJAMIN Stool (Birch Veneer) W51xD35xH45cm
SVEJE Rug (Cotton) W90xL150cm
MALM Queen Size Bed Frame (Medium Brown) W169xL201xH77cm
MALM Storage (Medium Brown) Unit W85xD42xH30
SULTAN HOGBO Queen Size Spring Mattress (Dark Grey) W152xL189xH20cm
SULTAN TORSMO Queen Mattress Pad (76% cotton) W152×L189cmxH4.5cm
GOSA CYLINDER Pillow (Cotton/Duck Feathers) L80cm
IKEA 365+ MJUK Pillow (Synthethic Fibres) W50xL33cm
SVAJS Clothes Cover (Set of 3) 60x105cm (2 set) & 60x135cm (1 set)
STAVE Mirror (Birch) W40xH160
KLUDD Noticeboard (Glass) W65xH45cm
SIGNUM Cable Trunking Horizontal (Silver) W15xL70cm
DOKUMENT Waste Paper Basket
DOKUMENT Letter Tray
DOKUMENT Pen Cup (Set of 2)
VIKA AMON/CURRY Table (White) W100xD60xH70cm
IKEA 365+ Jar with Lid L17xW8xH30cm
KRUSS Jar with Lid L24xW19xH13cm
FORVAR Jar with Lid (1.8L)
IKEA 365+ Utility Knife
IKEA 365+ Cook’s Knife
STABIL Pasta Insert (5L)
DUDERO Floor Lamp (White) Shade 30Dcm H137cm
SPARSAM Energy Bulb E27 11W (2 pcs)
VASEN Vase H20cm
STATIV Clothes Rack (Silver) W116, H116–174cm
GNARP 5 Pieces Kitchen Utensil

Budget: RM3189



iPod Touch 16GB
Nokia N96
Free Agent Go (2.5″ ST905003FGE1E1-RK 500GB)
Free Agent Extreme (3.5″ 1TB)
Leatherman Skeletool CX
Shure SE530PTH
APC Notebook Surge Arrest

Budget: RM8085


My new baby:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Kit (EF 24-105mm L IS U) 21.1 MP, 15-Point AF Systems

Budget: RM11000(?)


Next Investment:

Apple MacBook Pro 15” 2.5GHz
Volvo S40 2.4i
Life without Capitalism

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