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Who’s Gonna Save My Soul Now

A scene from Who’s Gonna Save My Soul? by Gnarls Barkley.

Well now that you have my heart I’m pretty much an empty cavity inside. For lack of a better term, heartless. I will now treat each woman I meet with a passive aggressive contentiousness that will ruin relationship after relationship for many years to come.

Baby D, you’re my new mate now. A freaking expensive one too with EFS 24-105mm L IS U kit.

Make love to me, Canon EOS 5D Mark II. But you’ll never be the subtitute of my soul mate.


I’m back on terra firma. Currently in Labuan after a few trip from Miri to KK, a day after 6 months being offshore. 

The port scenery is a welcoming view after months surrounded by the high seas and blue horizon.

The office back in KL was caught in fire yesterday. I’m glad no body is injured since it happened after office hour. Not sure about the property damaged and the extent of the losses. Only the 4th floor was on fire. The rest is ok.

I’m still stuck here, even at the end of the project. I’m anxiously waiting to get my flight ticket back “home”.

Someone is waiting for me.

Written by cthulhu

January 10, 2009 at 11:42 pm