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Gute Nacht

This week in summary:

  1. Maybank2u payment for bills and rent.
  2. Credit Card application to replace Citibank card.
  3. Apply for Public Mutual Unit Trust (thanks, Teesside Girl).
  4. Bought Deuter Aircontact Pro 60+15 Trekking bag, Deuter First Aid Kit (M), Deuter Cargo Bag Exp and Deuter Transport Cover 60-90L.
  5. Wore a new sandal; Teva Mush.
  6. Utilised a various sizes of Mesh Bag — from cable wire, paperwork to clothing.
  7. Looking for Red Wing 6681Hiker, bought Red Wing 440 6-inch instead.
  8. Installed azure blue track blind curtain.
  9. Printing, packing, calling, waiting and running errands.
  10. Offshore; back in 45 days.

Gute nacht.

Written by cthulhu

August 27, 2008 at 2:04 am