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The C(thulhu) Programming Language

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And yet I saw them in a limitless stream– flopping, hopping, croaking, bleating– sorting themselves inhumanly through the spectral moonlight in a grotesque, malignant saraband of fantastic nightmare. Their croaking, baying voices called out in the hideous language of the Old Ones:

      void Rlyeh
      (int mene[], int wgah, int nagl) {
      int Ia, fhtagn;
      if (wgah>=nagl) return;
      swap (mene,wgah,(wgah+nagl)/2);
      fhtagn = wgah;
      for (Ia=wgah+1; Ia<=nagl; Ia++)
      if (mene[Ia]<mene[wgah])
      swap (mene,++fhtagn,Ia);
      swap (mene,wgah,fhtagn);
      Rlyeh (mene,wgah,fhtagn-1);
      Rlyeh (mene,fhtagn+1,nagl);


Source: Boing Boing – If HP Lovecraft wrote C manuals



Written by cthulhu

January 30, 2010 at 9:48 pm

If the Winds Rage, Doth Not the Sea Wax Mad

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“Puggy’s bathos is apropos, quite a pathos-etic she is. I pity my placid mental faculty and lauding her lucid elucidatory discernment. She’s the next un-Terran Jehovah personification. Praise her for she will JUDGE you on this realm of sanctity.”

I thought this aging shout-out in the other universe of far, far away only rings true to certain type of aliens that I (regret) happened to meet.

Today after 1, 2, 3, 4 years with the fictionalised deus ex machina, I realised how “apropos” the shout-out closer to home. Homing down to the (pug)ilistic and temperamental nature of the fictitious Bantha.

Felicity isn’t tenacious to the shaggy fur of hirsute animosity.

The bathos effect (abrupt change to ordinary style: in writing or speech, a sudden descent in style or manner from the elevated or sublime to the commonplace, producing a ludicrous effect) is aesthetic only to the lapping parasite of arid waste inside the hairy monstrosity.

In this (false) realm of (fictional) sanctity, the nasal grunting personify like the nature of acerbic echo in the middle of the cavernous dune.

Hearing Tuskens ululating “laodicean” never been so apt.


This write-up is an homage to Star Wars and Kavya Shivashankar of the 82nd annual Scripps National Spelling Bee winner. Kudos for her “composed” sang-froid! Don’t go cuckoo, yeah?

Syurga Nekros

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Prologue: I’m Syurga. 


I live.


I found faith.


I lose faith.


I found Sci-Fi channel.


I blog.


I lose virginity.


I blog about losing virginity.


I found humour. Try being funny to compensate with the superficial grasp of metaphysics or even physics.


Life is fun.



Epilogue: I’m Nekros.


Annotation: This is a parody.

Written by cthulhu

February 12, 2009 at 2:50 pm

Siapa Babi Negara?

Say Goodnight Grace

Say Goodnight Grace

If only the Parliament is as funny as the Pearls Before Swine comic strip.

Ah, wait.

It is.

Only less witty.

Deepak Colundalur Ananthapadmanabha




Deepak has often described himself as “The Indian Jon Stewart” if Jon Stewart was genetically combined with Gizmodo, Wikipedia and an Indian guy. If you let him, Deepak will enlighten you, if you listen, Deepak will upgrade your knowledge like a newly-released Service Pack at sundown.

Now, if only you could spell his name.

Written by cthulhu

May 31, 2008 at 5:47 pm