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As I keep updating my globetrotting of near and far flung cities to a circle of loved ones, I realised that it hardly matter to some of my whereabouts. I don’t think they even notice of my absence.

I guess, I fear for my safety whenever I travel to some dodgy place — like the time in European cities’ back alley. Mentioning of my destination to a circle of contact, should leaves an ample track of footsteps, if something really bad should happened to me.

It may sound like paranoia but I likened it as a safety net. My current job is risky enough with all the travel between vessel, platform and the port. A simple text of assurance is a mark of my welfare.

I’m cutting down the text-ing recipients. There’s always facebook, twitter and this wordpress for the rest of you.


The frustration might be attributed to the recent passing of my favourite cat — baby — back home. She died on the second day after giving birth to a kitten. Baby barely has the strength to eat off the umbilical cord on the kitten — she needs a little help from my sibling. On the second day, just when my sibling takes a day off from her work to take Baby to the veterinarian — she died. The way my mom picture it is so heart wrenching as the kitten still suckling the warm teats from her deceased mother.

I’m feeling angry rather than sad. Perhaps, to the futility of preserving the connection between the loved ones. A friend’s view of life, after I text her, pretty much summarise the wistful passing of someone that’s dear to me.

An existence of anything or anyone serves a purpose in life. Once the purpose is fulfilled, it will disappear into the background and we learn something in return.

Life is fleetingly fragile.


I hate business travel. I love backpacking. I miss Baby.

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February 26, 2009 at 3:32 pm

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