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the most amazing things are very simple anyway

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on all those cheesy internet quotes about ‘soulmates’

liy: its selfish to expect so much of a soulmate
liy: i just think its a lot simpler than that
liy: the most amazing things are very simple anyway
the good eek: ahh. truth.
liy: they come into your life, force you to look at yourself, at life differently
liy: they don’t need to stay, settle in, kiss you and touch you all over till the day you die
liy: but you know you’ll never find someone like them again
liy: and if it takes 2 months or 10 years for them to turn everything around or change the way you see things, why would you cling on them to stay longer if they have to go
the good eek: i mean this completely as a compliment of the highest order, but you’re like yoda with better hair and skin
liy: -_-

Written by cthulhu

February 17, 2009 at 7:41 pm