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Plethora of Oxymora

7 Oct 2007, 06:15pm, BTS
I’m not saying it’s my fault, but I didn’t point my finger at anyone else either.


I was drenched, tired, famish and dehydrated. Wasted hours on travelling time to and fro, broke fast on a crowded public transport, spent hours again on the road — only to have this memento scribbled on a piece of paper, somewhere in my wallet.

Only to notice that she returned back to the rendezvous point as I turned back home.

I failed to cherish the memory, you say?

This is a part of the memory.

I still keeping a log on my private journal.

But not since October.

A wasted effort.

Written by cthulhu

December 17, 2007 at 4:46 pm